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Air Smart Extra

Functional advantage

Three indicators show lung health visualization

Indicator contains forced vital capacity (FVC), peak expiratory flow (PEF), maximum ventilation volume (MVV).


It’s easy to carry, owns one-key measurement function and synchronization.


Detection is not easy to cross infection.


Airflow pressure difference, real-time and accurate detection of lung health.

High Performance

Products are made of honeywell’s Top Materials.


Repeated upper respiratory tract infection needs to observe whether the lung function is damaged;

Smoking history and long-term cough history need to observe whether the function of the small airways has changed;

Seasonal cough and asthma needs to see if you have asthma;

Regular review of chronic bronchitis is helpful to monitor the progress of the disease;

Abnormal chest X-ray needs to judge the degree of lung function damage.

Anesthesia, risk assessment of surgical procedures, and monitoring of postoperative recovery.

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